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Features of cooperation

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Project takeover

We adapt to the realities of the existing project. We are committed and willing to take on new challenges.

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Dedicated specialists

We make sure that the same familiar specialists work on the project. We know that constant rotation is not conducive to achieving satisfactory results.

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Modern tools

As standard, we implement tools such as monitoring and analysis of events, automatic backup, communicator, task list into the project.

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24/7 technical support

We have a dedicated team of technicians ready to help on weekends and holidays.

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Legacy software

We are able to work under the conditions of migration to a new system. We take care of stability and support the work of developing the next version of the software.

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Automation and DevOps

We have extensive expertise related to DevOps. We streamline processes and provide mature production and test environments for IT applications and systems.

How do we work?

In our company, the operation of software support is based on fast and efficient response to user requests. Customers have the option of submitting requests through various channels, such as e-mail, telephone or a special ticket system.

Dedicated specialists with extensive knowledge of the client’s product and competence in a particular programming technology are assigned to the project. Our specialists are also trained in customer service and have strong communication skills. As a result, they are able to provide customers with professional and courteous service.

With each project, we include tools to improve monitoring and analysis of application events. In addition, we containerize application modules that require it. We care about quality assurance and are committed to developing further improvements.

Suggested actions

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PagerDuty notifications

24/7 support department

Direct contact

Product familiarization

Feedback from Our Customers

Feedback from our customers confirms that we are a trustworthy company. We provide proven solutions, a transparent cooperation model, timely implementation and technical support.

Our clients

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