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IoT platform in partnership with Renau, a renowned electronics manufacturer

The IoT industry is in constant evolution, trying to keep up with ever-increasing consumer expectations. For our client – a highly respected electronics manufacturer in the US – we built a powerful and scalable IoT platform that integrates with manufactured devices, dedicated to its customers. After a multi-stage development process, the client gained a product on which it can largely base its future business model.

Name The IoT platform
Website address
Name The IoT platform
Website address

Key functionalities

  • Device monitoring

    Users of the system, after pairing the devices they own, are able to monitor their status in real time. They are informed in real time about sensor readings, their battery status or signal strength.

  • Scalable architecture

    The platform we realized is based on scalable cloud technologies (serverless), thanks to which it is capable of handling thousands of devices transmitting millions of messages a day at once. The amount of resources automatically adjusts to the current traffic, so that the client does not pay for the maintenance of resources that are not used.

  • Personalized interface

    End users get a convenient interface that they can customize according to their needs. They can place various kinds of widgets on interactive dashboards and then share them with other users inside their own organizations.

  • Alerting

    Users can create alerts that, based on the fulfillment of certain conditions, notify users via email or SMS. The cloud platform monitors devices on an ongoing basis, where when an alert condition is detected, it immediately executes specific actions.

  • Organizational structure

    The product is aimed at larger organizations that may have multiple locations with the manufacturer’s devices. The system makes it possible to create organizational structures, manage employees and flexibly define their rights.

Actions taken

Developers statements

It was quite a challenge to create interactive charts and fully customizable widget grids, but thanks to our experience we met all the client's requirements. The solution we provided allows the user to configure devices and monitor the measurements they send in real time.

Jakub Podsiadło
Frontend Developer

The developed system allows convenient monitoring of devices and their infrastructure in the form of dashboards, and the ability to create custom alerts. The most difficult stage of the project was the design of the system of roles, permissions and resource sharing, but our team coped with this task without a problem! It is worth noting that the application not only serves the employees, but also supports the production process of devices thanks to integration with the production line at the factory.

Piotr Adamczyk
Backend Developer

The implementation of the Renau Cloud project is an outstanding achievement for the entire team. Building a functional IoT platform presents a number of challenges, both on the design and architectural side, as well as the user interface and subsequent maintenance. By relying on serverless solutions, the system is highly scalable, capable of handling millions of messages per day, allowing the client to have extensive business operations.

Michał Czopek
CTO, Cloud Architect

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