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Power through the process


Greater control over the environment

Containerized applications have greater predictability due to their isolation from other system components.


Fault tolerance

Docker and Kubernetes are technologies that dramatically simplify the work of development teams. A unified environment tucked behind the abstraction of containers increases the understanding of what is happening in an application and eliminates errors associated with differences in the configurations of individual instances.



Containerization is also about enabling our applications to scale. Designing a system based on stateless containers is a modern form of predictable adaptation of infrastructure under changing loads.

Step-by-step implementation process

  • Needs analysis

    We start the implementation process by talking to the company’s technology representative or infrastructure administrator. Also, we pay attention to the business assumptions and technologies used in the project.

    docker i kubernetes
  • Work out procedures and configurations

    When building the solution, we pay attention to aspects such as integration with CI/CD tools, scalability and facilitating the work of developers.

    docker i kubernetes
  • Post-implementation support

    Any such service includes post-completion support. We offer free training, and also offer monitoring and maintenance.

    docker i kubernetes

Solutions created to provide peace of mind

As our company grew, so did the need to invest in tools for ensuring a trouble-free server infrastructure. We made the decision to create procedures related to maintaining a trouble-free environment for our clients, and not much later we secured all internal projects and development machines in a similar way.

Also, we provide professional consulting and DevOps services for small and large software companies. We offer support to all companies looking to improve their own IT system.

Feedback from our customers

Feedback from our customers confirms that we are a trustworthy company. We provide proven solutions, a transparent cooperation model, timely implementation and technical support.

Developers statements

We use only modern and proven technologies. The same tools are used by major software development companies. This gives versatility, which is a guarantee of trouble-free maintenance of the system for years to come.

Konrad Broda
Founder, DevOps

In WeAstronauts we integrate with all popular CI/CD solutions by which the application can be deployed in any form: AWS EC2, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Michał Czopek
Tech Lead

We create solidly documented configurations that work well in a developer's daily work. It is not a problem to upgrade the operating system version or add a new module to the environment.

Piotr Adamczyk
Backend Developer

Our clients

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