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Goals to achieve

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Market and competition analysis

Identification of key industry players, definition of market criteria, forecast of market evolution, risk analysis

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Definition of the problem

Gather user requirements, define potential solutions, question solutions, create a glossary of terms

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Data collection

Compilation of all acquired information, reliable analysis of requirements, building relationships between teams

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Event Storming

Modeling processes inside the product, understanding dependencies by all participants, finding a common language, mapping user stories

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Clickable digital product prototype, user experience design, solution validation

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Prototyping and Testing

MVP, branding, presentation to target audience, user feedback

What Event Storming is?

It is a method of modeling business processes in software and beyond. In simple terms, it usually involves visualizing all interactions using colored sticky notes and making gaps in the system visible.

Event Storming allows you to become aware of and plan user interactions with the system. It is a very effective method of conducting design workshops to prepare technical specifications for an application.

At WeAstronauts, we care about understanding you and your concept. We know that this is the only way we can accurately price and execute the implementation of a complex IT system.
We will guide you through the process of designing your product.

The processes we use

Event Storming

Product Discovery

Design workshops

User Story Mapping


MVP concept

Application mockup

Risk analysis

Demand analysis

User Experience Design

Testing and collecting feedback

Data analysis

Feedback from Our Customers

Feedback from our customers confirms that we are a trustworthy company. We provide proven solutions, a transparent cooperation model, timely implementation and technical support.

Our clients

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