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Modern platform for pigeon breeders

The industry of handling pigeon competitions has long relied on proven, classic mechanisms. These include electronic devices such as antennas, constating clocks and network buses.

Our task was to fully computerize and modernize these solutions, enabling users to, among other things, track live results or allow them to access their own data at any time from an online platform.

Name AMC-ESK Online
Website address
Name AMC-ESK Online
Website address

Najważniejsze funkcjonalności

  • Intuitive service

    The end user is provided with a simple interface through which he is able to keep records of his kennel and track the results of competition flights. The service synchronizes its data with the devices owned by the customer.

  • Operation of equipment

    The platform we created supports devices that had already been on the market for years. The main challenge was to design a state-of-the-art system to move the operation of these devices to the Internet, allowing interaction and immediate viewing of their data from anywhere, anytime.

  • Client application

    The completed system for AMC-ESK included a desktop application, dedicated to Windows systems, which was responsible for communication with devices. It was equipped with a user interface, a self-updating system and implemented low-level protocols.

  • Real-time communication

    Thanks to modern infrastructure, the events recorded by the devices appear on the user’s screen in a fraction of a second. As a result, publishing the results of competition flights, which previously took hours, has become instantaneous.


Podjęte działania

Wypowiedzi programistów

This was a complicated implementation due to the need for comprehensive competencies in our team. We worked in a wide variety of technologies ranging from low-level communication of Embedded devices to modern object-oriented languages of the client application.

Konrad Broda

The system we have implemented allows us to monitor pigeons belonging to the breeder, and with the rings supplied by AMC-ESK, we make it possible to track pigeons in real time.

Jakub Podsiadło
Frontend Developer

AMC-ESK is a very interesting multi-domain project for a client in an unusual industry. It combines low-level issues of customer device support with high-level, modern facilities and technologies. The completed system is an innovation on the Polish market and will soon debut in a new version. Numerous joint workshops and the presentation of the system at a nationwide trade fair was a unique experience for our team.

Michał Czopek
Back-end Developer

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