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The story of creation Healthyomnomnom, an online store for YouTuber Irena Owsiak

Our goal was to create a user-friendly, transparent online store for the life-style industry. Using Gutenberg’s proprietary block system along with an advanced cache mechanism results in sensational performance scores of 95+ points in Google Page Speed tests.

Name Healthy Omnomnom
Website address
The project was made in cooperation with
Name Healthy Omnomnom
Website address
The project was made in cooperation with

Key functionalities

  • Block editor

    The structure of the site is based on blocks – individual, easily editable elements, allowing the presentation of products, discounts and packages. The site administrator does not have to adapt to a rigidly fixed layout, but can easily change the order of blocks or hide them, without having to remove all content.

  • Rich offer

    The site represents a full set of tools and views that meets the requirements and needs of a potential customer. It includes a blog with interesting articles, a store offering a variety of recipes, webinars or ebooks, a diet calculator with the ability to calculate caloric requirements and much more.

  • Configurable products

    The products available in the store have a variety of options, including a choice of calorie count, menu length and diet type. Customers of the store can easily choose the best product configuration for them and make a purchase.

  • Integrations with plug-ins

    The site has been integrated with a number of plug-ins, including Tpay, a system that enables quick payments, MailerLite, a newsletter management platform, and iFirma, an invoice processing program.

    Healthy Omnomnom

Actions taken

Developers statements

We relied on proven technologies and a high degree of optimization to ensure adequate performance even with increased traffic. A Google Page Speed score of 95+ points is the norm for store pages.

Maciej Warych
WordPress Developer

Integration with systems such as tpay, iFirma or Mailer Lite are significant improvements to everyday processes such as issuing sales documents.

Krzysztof Brańka
Back-end Developer

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