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Best tour booking service in Poland

Our cooperation with Mr. Shuttle consisted of designing a website for booking travel services around the world. We focused on a clear user interface, as well as a simple order path. The dedicated system for the client is stable and can handle huge volumes of visitors to the site.

Name Mr. Shuttle
Website address
The project was made in cooperation with
Name Mr. Shuttle
Website address
The project was made in cooperation with

Key functionalities

  • Modern product page

    Our intention was to create a stunning product page with a gallery of high-quality images, descriptive content in an easy-to-read format, and a visible component that allows you to add a product to your shopping cart.

    Mr. Shuttle
  • Intuitive order process

    The designed shopping cart and the subsequent steps of the order have a simple structure that minimizes the feeling of user fatigue and, consequently, order abandonment. We also used mechanisms that increase user comfort, such as saving the contents of the shopping cart or completed fields if the order form is abandoned.

    Mr. Shuttle
  • Date selection system

    The calendar mechanism we implemented is intuitive and fully functional, regardless of the device used by the user. We provided the ability to quickly indicate the date and time, even on the most non-standard devices.

    Mr. Shuttle
  • Increase in speed thanks to the “cache” mechanism

    Thanks to the mechanism for saving static content in an accessible form, we have minimized page loading time. Elements shared between subpages are saved in the browser’s cache, so we achieved revolutionarily fast loading times.

    Mr. Shuttle

Actions taken

Developers statements

The developed portal combines the convenience of CMS WordPress with the performance and functionality reserved for proprietary solutions. Thanks to the well-thought-out architecture, implemented monitoring systems and modular architecture, our system is easy to maintain and the implementation of new ideas and changes is possible at low cost. This is especially important in an industry that must constantly adapt to customer requirements.

Piotr Adamczyk
Back-end Developer

The main challenge in this project was to create an interface that would handle the multitude of tour configuration options while being intuitive for the user. For example, the site had to allow users to select multiple tour options such as date, pickup location or number of people. To this end, we implemented many helpful features such as address prompting and automatic scrolling of the user to the appropriate location.

Krzysztof Brańka
Front-end Developer

A key element of a project of this scale is the conscientious design of UX mockups. In our case, this allowed us to significantly reduce the time for revisions in the final graphic design. In addition, we were able to use the mock-ups in testing independent potential audiences.

Andrzej Kozdęba

The phase from finishing the mock-ups to getting the final graphic design consumed several weeks. During this time we created dozens of sub-page designs in different versions. In the end, the client chose the set that most met his expectations.

Michał Maj
Lead Designer

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