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Cotembo — Customer Identification Platform for Financial Institutions

For the Dutch company Cotembo, we designed and implemented a SaaS product, which is a KYC (Know Your Customer) platform for risk assessment of entities around the world.

By using advanced forms, companies in the financial or legal sectors can conduct complex audits to verify the level of trust of their own customers.

Name Cotembo
Website address
Name Cotembo
Website address

Key features

  • Risk assessment

    The subject, answering sometimes dozens of questions, is verified by the system using an appropriate risk assessment algorithm. The system, through various integrations with APIs, verifies the identity of related individuals, checks lists of sanctions, debts or political connections. All these actions are performed automatically, greatly streamlining such processes for companies that need them.

  • SaaS product

    The completed system is a product sold in the SaaS model. The client of the project sells access to it to its own customers. The system is adapted for such a model – it assumes the existence of multiple companies with isolated data and their own users. The system also assumes different subscription plans – limiting access to particular functionalities for less eligible customers.

  • Intuitive interface

    The graphic interface of the website was designed together with our client’s team to use their industry knowledge to achieve solutions that are as intuitive as possible, optimized for everyday work. The design layout is simple and clear.

  • Advanced questionnaires

    The service allows users to build their own questionnaires, which can consist of up to hundreds of questions of various types. Thanks to the drag and drop mechanism, the user can conveniently place questions while specifying advanced parameters, such as expected risk levels or permission to send attachments. The questionnaires are a proprietary solution, allowing the conditional display of questions, depending on the answers previously provided.

  • Security

    The system offers many security mechanisms such as two-factor login (2FA), filtering of email addresses or IP addresses. An advanced system of permissions allows you to flexibly determine which operations system users can perform.


Project phases

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