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Step-by-step implementation process.


Any progress visible immediately

The development environment is integrated with a code repository. This means that every change is automatically published in the closed version of the application. Thanks to this, the client has a real insight into the progress of the work. In addition, the client has a better knowledge of the functionalities being developed.


Publication of tested functionalities

After more extensive testing, we collect changes from the last days of work and publish on a more stable test environment. The use of procedures based on several quality gates minimizes significantly reduces the possibility of preserving errors in the final version of the product.


Analysis, corrections and customer approval

The final vote always belongs to the customer. We are responsive to comments and self-testing focusing on handing over complete, reliable products. Thanks to the use of iterative programming methodology, we reduce the possibility of misunderstanding with the client presenting the actual result of the work as soon as possible.

Key functionalities

  • Agile methodologies

    The way we develop our software allows you to systematically oversee the development process, and allows us to react more efficiently and effectively to changes in concepts.

    ci cd
  • Continuous Integration

    We react quickly and regularly incorporate our changes into automated test and development environments. This allows our customers to view the latest changes to the project at any time.

    ci cd
  • Continuous Delivery

    We minimize the need for manual operations during software updates. All operations are fully automated and delivered after successful testing and approval by the Project Manager.

    ci cd

DevOps in every development team

In the past, we made a decision to constantly maximize the productivity of developers by providing them with the support of DevOps engineers. Thanks to the tools and procedures developed, developers do not have to deal with typical problems that are not part of building software. This translates into faster implementation of functionality, as well as reduction of time overhead spent on trivial activities such as uploading files to the server.

In our work, we use popular and proven solutions, and we automate work using proprietary Jenkins and Ansible codes.

Feedback from our customers

Feedback from our customers confirms that we are CI/CD specialists. Check out what companies who have trusted us and used our services say about us.

Developers statements

We have extensive knowledge in the field of quality assurance. We use proven technologies, and our solutions have been proven in dozens of projects completed for clients.

Konrad Broda
Founder, DevOps

By automating the release of a new version, we offer our customers constant insight into our work and the functionality being implemented.

Michał Czopek
Tech Lead

Every application we offer is equipped with such a system, so there is no need for the customer to update the purchased software in his company on his own.

Maciej Warych

Our clients

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