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SaaS and PaaS system design

We comprehensively support companies that have an idea for their own product based on cloud infrastructure.

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Software migration to the cloud

We plan and execute software migrations that require a change in architecture due to load or new design assumptions.

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IoT systems

We often work for IoT hardware manufacturers as a software contractor. We are well versed in modern IoT Cloud platforms.

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Manageable Kubernetes

We help maintain containerized application infrastructure (Docker and Kubernetes) in case the customer does not want to deal with the hardware layer.

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Big Data

We advise clients operating on large data sets. We implement efficient services using data.

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Automatic scaling of resources

We prepare effective AWS cloud infrastructure configurations that do not generate unnecessary costs.

What is Cloud software? What advantages does it have?

From a Software House perspective, cloud software is a type of application that is run and delivered from the so-called cloud, instead of being installed on the client’s servers or on the end users’ computers. This software is managed by the cloud service provider, who provide the infrastructure without having to deal with the server layer.

In simple terms, the cloud user does not care about the physical server. He gets a working service and a guarantee that it will function properly.

In addition, this type of software can be more scalable, meaning that it can easily grow as the customer’s business grows. Cloud providers usually offer flexible pricing plans, so customers can choose the right solution for their needs while not incurring unnecessary costs.

Benefits of choosing the cloud

Scalable infrastructure


High speed of implementation

Resistance to failures

Dedicated support

Saving human labor


Data security

Ready-made tools

Maturity of technology

Feedback from Our Customers

Feedback from our customers confirms that we are a trustworthy company. We provide proven solutions, a transparent cooperation model, timely implementation and technical support.

Our clients

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