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What do we offer?

Brand & Product Design

We help in the process of designing software, or building a SaaS business strategy.

Event Storming & Product Discovery

We provide analysts trained in DDD methodology with experience in discovering the vision of information systems.

Dedicated Product Owner

Product Owner will support the planning process, or organize the development process. Body leasing is a flexible service provided for the hours you need at any given time.

MVP Development

We will help you prepare a Proof of Concept for the project to present your vision to investors.

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Why is Product Owner so important?

The Product Owner plays a key role in ensuring the success of the product by effectively managing business expectations, needs and values. His responsibilities include managing priorities, collaborating with the development team and ensuring the market success and business value of the product.

What does a Product Owner do?

  • The Product Owner is responsible for managing the product so that it generates business value. He works with stakeholders, including customers and the development team, to identify the features and capabilities that will contribute most to the product’s success in the marketplace.
  • The Product Owner is the interface between the development team and the rest of the organization. He is responsible for communicating requirements, clearly defining goals and expectations, and ensuring that the team has all the necessary information to work effectively.
  • The Product Owner ensures that the value of the delivered product is maximized with limited resources and time. He takes an iterative approach, refining and delivering valuable features in each development cycle, based on user feedback and market analysis.


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Feedback from Our Customers

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