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Get to know the standards of our work

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Transparency of work

We provide full visibility into the software development process, reporting on progress, milestones and team engagement throughout the project.

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Different layers of testing

We provide end-to-end software testing at various levels, using tools such as Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress and Selenium, for high quality and reliability.

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Warranty for the written code

We offer a 12-month warranty on our code, giving you confidence in the quality, durability and long-term support of the software you create.

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According to UX and UI standards

Our software offers attractive user interfaces, providing not only usability but also a positive visual experience.

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High performance applications

We develop applications that process large amounts of data, running quickly and efficiently through proper architecture and optimization.

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Work without a graphic designer

We provide fast and effective solutions, using ready-made themes and templates that we customize without involving a graphic designer.

Our technology stack

On a daily basis, our team works on the following technology stack:

  • React 18.2, TypeScript 4.9.5, JavaScript ES6 – we use the latest technologies to develop advanced front-end applications.
  • Patterns: Higher-order components, Presentational and container components, hooks – we use proven design patterns that help us create scalable and modular interfaces.
  • Tools: React Router 6, Redux, rxJS, Tailwind, Material UI, Plop – we use a variety of tools to facilitate development and ensure high quality software.
  • QA: Jest, React Testing Library, Selenium, Cypress – we use a variety of testing tools to ensure application reliability.
  • Local Docker, WSL2 environment – we use containerization and WSL2 environment to ensure consistency and ease of deployment of our solutions.
  • Working with Jenkins, Ansible, GitHub Actions – we use tools to automate deployment processes to ensure our software is delivered efficiently and effectively.
  • Tracking time spent on individual tasks – we track time spent on individual tasks to ensure control and effective project management.
  • Communication and organization: Slack, ClickUp, Clockify, Teams, sensible Scrum – we use various communication and organization tools to ensure smooth collaboration.

Ready-made and proven solutions

Custom hooks


Unit tests

End-To-End Tests

Integration tests

Two-step authorization

Feedback from Our Customers

Feedback from our customers confirms that we are a trustworthy company. We provide proven solutions, a transparent cooperation model, timely implementation and technical support.

Our clients

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