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Technology that supports your business

  • Dedicated IoT Platforms

    We design, develop and implement complete IoT platforms, fully integrated with your company’s devices. We will build a Proof of Concept or a fully functional product, whether your company is an industrial company, an R&D department or a technology startup.

  • IoT-based web service

    Based on the data from the devices, we will create a dedicated website according to the needs of your business. It can be used for device management, real-time data monitoring, historical data viewing, configuration of automatic alerts and notifications, analytics or administration. The website can be both an internal tool for your company and a fully functional and attractive product for your customers.

  • Powerful and scalable cloud platform

    To handle communication with your devices, we will build a dedicated cloud-based platform that will mediate the transfer and processing of data. The platform, based on serverless services, will be able to automatically scale to the traffic generated by your devices. Nearly unlimited cloud resources will allow us to handle up to millions of messages per day, without having to worry about the hardware part.

Advantages of IoT platforms


Low maintenance cost and flexible pricing

One of the main advantages of autoscaling infrastructure is the amount of money it can save, as it uses as many resources as it needs at any given time. This makes it possible to build flexible pricing based on the estimated cost of serving a single device, or even to bill customers directly for the traffic they generate.


Secure communication

We ensure the security of solutions, from encrypting communications using protocols such as MQTT, HTTPS, and LoRaWAN, authenticating devices, to advanced data access control on the user panel.


Advanced functionalities

The service under development may allow users to create their own dashboards, displaying the status of selected devices in real time, configuring alerts, sending email or SMS notifications, or performing advanced analytics on the data collected by the system.

Take your business to the next level with modern solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a glimpse into how businesses will operate in the future. With the help of modern IoT solutions, your company can streamline production and delivery processes and improve service quality. This will result in saving key company resources such as time and workforce capacity.

Prepare for this business transformation now to elevate your company to a higher level of competitiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the future.

Benefits of using IoT platforms

Monitoring and remote management

Optimize processes and efficiencies

Improved security

Saving time and resources

Innovative solutions

Automation of processes

Feedback from our customers

Feedback from our customers confirms that we are a trustworthy company. We provide proven solutions, a transparent cooperation model, timely implementation and technical support.

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