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We specialize in streamlining businesses with modern software. We invite you to learn more about our offer and take advantage of a free consultation.

What do we offer?


Websites & E-Commerce

We implement customized websites and online stores from scratch to meet your needs. We offer custom plugins and templates to ensure integration with external systems.

DevOps and monitoring

We are up to date with modern technologies that improve work at every stage of an IT project. We train, we advise, we help.

Mobile Applications

We design mobile applications for Android and iOS using proven technologies.

Office and Network

We comprehensively implement network installations and provide IT outsourcing services in companies.

Do you need something different?

We would like to become your technology partner in business! Tell us about your needs.
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Start a project with us

At WeAstronauts Software, over the years we have developed processes that enable us to effectively implement software for our clients. It is through these processes that we are able to work efficiently, not “burn through” the budget, and deliver on schedule.

Get a free quote
  1. Verification of design assumptions and free quote

    creating a project infographic

    creating a project infographic We offer a free meeting to learn about your needs. We will verify whether it is possible to use an off-the-shelf solution to save costs, and if not, we will develop a plan and offer to implement a customized solution.

  2. Audit and Specification

    business analytics infographic

    business analytics infographic Business analysis is a process during which we verify all project assumptions, prioritize them and prepare a schedule for the implementation of the first version of the system. We work in such a way that the client sees the real results of the work in the shortest possible time.

  3. Product Design

    product design infographic

    product design infographic The first phase of the project focuses on optimizing the design concept combining factors such as functionality, ease of use, developability, as well as cost and implementation time. This process verifies the business requirements created during the creation of the specifications and collides them with reality.

  4. Application implementation

    implementation infographic

    implementation infographic The involvement of the development team in the project begins with the selection of the tools to be used for the project, as well as the development of the architecture (skeleton) of the application that will guarantee optimal development. The implementation of the product is a dynamic process divided into stages called sprints during which the client reviews the progress of the work on an ongoing basis and provides comments.

  5. Backup and Maintenance

    backup and security infographic

    backup and security infographic We have knowledge and experience to guarantee customer peace of mind even after the project is completed. We provide backups, monitoring, and fast-response support available to all our clients. All this to ensure that data of our customers is safe and available to them at all times, even in crisis situations.


What can you gain by contacting us?

We are happy to share our knowledge. For this reason, we encourage every entrepreneur to contact our team of specialists. We will help, advise, and offer tools to improve your business. See for yourself how much cooperation with us can bring to your business.

What do we do at WeAstronauts Software?

WeAstronauts is a software-house consisting of architects, developers, business analysts, as well as computer scientists and designers. We provide a wide range of services designed to improve the operations of small and medium-sized businesses through the production of modern software, business awareness, and process automation. Our offer is aimed at all organizations interested in conscious business development based on procedures and habits that facilitate scaling.

What are our greatest strengths?

We have the know-how developed over the years to enable effective software development. We have completed dozens of projects, gaining satisfied, returning customers who measure our support in the time saved by their employees. The services we implement are stable and secure, and the guarantee and technical support provide peace of mind among our clients.

Are we currently recruiting?

Yes, we are currently looking for developers and Project Managers to work on developing our internal software and our clients' applications. We are recruiting both for work in our office in Kazimierz, Krakow, as well as for remote work.

How can you contact us?

The easiest way is by phone at +48 505 727 255 or by email at Our office is open from 8 am to 5 pm Polish time on weekdays.

Our clients

Do you have any questions? E-mail us!

We would like to become your technology partner. Let’s meet in the office or arrange a virtual coffee to talk about your ideas. We will be happy to advise you and tell you about our experience. See you there!

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