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Blog Case Studies

IoT in Business: Advancing New Possibilities and Operational Efficiency

Did you know that the Internet of Things (IoT) can transform the way you run your business? Advanced IoT technologies offer unprecedented possibilities that can significantly enhance operational efficiency, optimize processes, and create new innovati...


IoT – what is it and what potential does it hold?

Digitalization and modern technology – these are the realities of today’s world. Taking advantage of the advantage provided by the natural progress of technology is a number of benefits for any business. Companies that are the first to im...


IoT platform in partnership with Renau, a renowned electronics manufacturer

The IoT industry is in constant evolution, trying to keep up with ever-increasing consumer expectations. For our client – a highly respected electronics manufacturer in the US – we built a powerful and scalable IoT platform that integrates with manufactured devices, dedicated to its customers. After a multi-stage development process, the client gained a product on which it can largely base its future business model.


Modern platform for pigeon breeders

The industry of handling pigeon competitions has long relied on proven, classic mechanisms. These include electronic devices such as antennas, constating clocks and network buses.

Our task was to fully computerize and modernize these solutions, enabling users to, among other things, track live results or allow them to access their own data at any time from an online platform.