What is IoT?

The Internet of Things is the connection of various types of modern devices into a single network. This allows both people and devices to communicate with each other, sharing different kinds of information. A part of the Internet of Things can range from a small sensor giving information about the temperature in an apartment, for example, to a passenger plane flying between continents.

IoT devices must connect to the Internet and (most often) have sensors that collect data. IoT is a surrogate for how businesses will operate in a few years. Why? It streamlines production and delivery processes and improves the quality of services provided. With loT, we can save time and capacity.
IoT is part of the term Industry 4.0, signifying a fourth industrial revolution on par with those associated with the invention of the steam engine or the improvement of metallurgical processes.

Application of IoT in business

IoT is a solution that can be successfully implemented in any enterprise managing multiple devices simultaneously. Automating processes and analyzing them using remote control significantly facilitates the production process. It even changes the performance of daily activities in the company.

Implementing IoT in business allows you to analyze data and act on the lessons learned, supporting accurate decision-making in real time. Today’s world is a world of hundreds of useful information and data, and their flow and interpretation is the basis of a successfully operating business. Supporting decision-making processes with IoT technology is a powerful solution to better manage and scale an enterprise. The Internet of Things works in virtually every industry, such as industry, transportation, energy, agriculture and metallurgy. In each case, it will improve the operation of plants, as well as small, emerging businesses.

Examples of IoT applications

Food Industry Process Monitoring

The operation of machinery, equipment and entire production lines in the food industry must be constantly monitored. IoT allows precise measurement and monitoring of parameters that affect the quality of food products during production, transportation and storage.

Monitoring of museum facilities

Wireless monitoring systems for museum objects are used by the world’s largest museums. Many works of art must be stored under strict conditions. The loT platform makes it possible to eliminate the potential dangers of improper preservation. It allows us to monitor parameters such as temperature, lighting, wind or humidity.

Industry monitoring

The loT allows us to monitor the condition of all machines in real time. We can react instantly to any detected irregularities. With an industrial monitoring system, we can identify defective components on the production line.

Infrastructure monitoring

The Internet of Things gives us the ability to control the condition of a structure, along with its static and dynamic parameters and a historical record of the collected data. With such a solution, we can monitor and analyze real-time data from bridges and overpasses, railroad tracks or tunnels.

Monitoring of buildings

loT is also a proven solution for smart buildings. Thanks to it, we can monitor lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in real time.  Additionally, we can control all kinds of sensors, even energy consumption in our home or office.

Monitoring in agriculture

The installation of appropriate probes and their integration with the online platform makes it possible to monitor changes in soil parameters in large-scale agricultural fields, and to detect all kinds of anomalies in a timely manner.


An IoT-based future

The coming years in business are marked by modern technologies. Already today, the best-growing companies are betting on automation and optimization of enterprise resources. As we mentioned earlier, IoT is a substitute for how businesses will operate in the future. We are convinced that the Internet of Things will play an even bigger role in this than it does now.

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Internet of Things is a powerful tool to support the development of today’s businesses. With the help of IoT solutions, we can effectively streamline the production process and increase the quality of services offered. We can also monitor the various stages of delivery, and increase the security and quality of customer service. Implementing this technology is an investment that guarantees quality and saves resources without looking for compromises.

Having a technology partner who is up-to-date with the latest industry news will ensure that your company stays “trendy” in the era of Industry 4.0.