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How much does a website cost? The ABCs of website development

A website in today’s world is the cornerstone of any business. Usually, creating your own site is one of the first steps taken by newly established companies. How much does a website cost, what options are available on the market for creating o...


What system to choose to run an online store?

E-commerce success is about a number of factors, one of which is choosing the right platform to manage your shop. We have covered this topic many times on our blog, including considering the best technologies for e-commerce. Today, we will focus on t...


Website analytics

To accurately determine the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, it is necessary to measure the results achieved. The development of technology nowadays allows us to collect and later analyze data on the effectiveness of actions taken and optimizat...


SaaS, WooCommerce or a dedicated solution – what to choose for e-Commerce?

The e-Commerce market is getting bigger and bigger. Recent pandemic years have further accelerated this trend. Efi Dahan, PayPal’s CEO for Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, says that as early as next year, one in five transactions i...


SEO for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular of today’s content management systems for websites. If you already have your own site built on WordPress, it’s a good idea to make it more visible in a search engine. In this post, we’ll cover SEO for t...


Advanced applications using WordPress

Nowadays, WordPress is more than a simple CMS. It’s a powerful content management system that offers support for blogs, stores, and also allows you to create websites. Advanced WordPress applications offer many interesting possibilities. In the...


The story of creation Healthyomnomnom, an online store for YouTuber Irena Owsiak

Our goal was to create a user-friendly, transparent online store for the life-style industry. Using Gutenberg’s proprietary block system along with an advanced cache mechanism results in sensational performance scores of 95+ points in Google Page Speed tests.