Ways to create a website

If you observe Facebook groups, you will probably often encounter the phenomenon of posting offers like “website for 499zł”. These are low-quality solutions, created wholesale on ready-made templates. If you have zero budget and want a page simply to be, such a solution can be good. However, if you want a good site that will become a strong mainstay of your business, you should pay more attention to this topic.

Web Wizards

The easiest solution when creating a website. There are free website builders on the market (e.g. wix.com), which allow you to create a website using the so-called drag & drop editor. With this solution, we will create a website for our company at a low cost. The downside is the limited ability to integrate into the template of the site (we use ready-made elements) and poor performance. Another disadvantage of such a solution is the cyclic subscription.

WordPress Websites

The most common solution is sites based on the WordPress system. Currently, the market is highly saturated with this type of service, and because of this, a contractor for such a service should be solidly vetted. WordPress has been a powerful tool for many years, which in the right hands can give a solid and reliable solution even for larger, more advanced projects.

Dedicated solutions

The most expensive, but also the best solution is to create a dedicated website. In such a case, the individual needs of the business are taken into account during the creation, and the graphic design and technology are customized to achieve a specific goal. The creation of such a solution absorbs more time and resources, but in return the company receives an efficient tool that realizes specific business objectives, and the website itself is owned by the company and does not consume more costs.

What is important in building a website?

When creating a website, we need to consider a number of factors. Below we will highlight some questions to help you make the right decision.

Goals for the future

What are our plans for the future? Do we want a simple business card, or do we want to make regular changes to the site? Or do we plan to expand the site with a blog or online store in the future?


Responsive websites are those that adapt to different devices regardless of the user’s screen resolution. In today’s world, about 57% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. That’s why it’s so important for a site to load properly on phones and tablets.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a procedure aimed at placing a website as high as possible in search results (see also: SEO for WordPress). Many factors affect the effectiveness of SEO, but all are directly related to the site and its design. Also of great importance will be the speed at which the page loads (measured, for example, by Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool). In case you want to carry out SEO activities in the future, it is worth investing from the beginning in making the template suitably efficient.

Web page price

In our company, the pricing is done as transparently as possible. The cost of a finished website is mainly translated into the work time of the design team (graphic designers and programmers). Additional costs are ready materials to improve the work such as templates or plugins. At each stage of the project, the client has an overview of the processes and knows where the project budget is allocated. For clients who contact us, we offer a free quote.

Contact us

During the valuation, we take into account the needs and expectations of the client offering a tailor-made solution. As a software house, we advise our clients in the selection of appropriate solutions. If you want to price your website, we invite you to take advantage of a free consultation. We will get to know your needs, and then accurately price the implementation of the service.

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The decision to choose the right solution for creating a website will usually be dictated by the budget a company has for making a website. And this is the right approach, as the company’s savings should be spent wisely. At WeAstronauts, we can help you choose a solid solution for your needs.