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What does the IT outsourcing service consist of?

IT outsourcing service consists in handing over the technical responsibilities of an organization to an external company. As part of the cooperation, the client company can count on the support of an external IT department in maintaining and developing the IT infrastructure. Such support is provided by an experienced team of people whose competence guarantees a quick solution to most technical problems. It is understood that often in practice these are the same people, familiar with the client’s office and infrastructure, who are on call on a daily basis to provide quick support in an emergency.

Why is it worth it?

Building an IT team requires hiring full-time people with different competencies. Often, this is a laborious, months-long process with high financial and time costs.

Meanwhile, using an IT outsourcing service guarantees us access to specialists who have many years of experience and know the industry’s problems very well. It’s also a reduction in costs associated with the organization of an internal IT department, as we don’t have to create a new workstation. The transfer of IT support responsibilities will allow us to save resources and locate them in other areas of the business. Another advantage of the outsourcing service is constant access to the latest technological solutions, thanks to which we will take care of the security and proper operation of IT systems in our work environment. We also do not forget about the factor of reaction time, which plays a key role in case of failure. IT outsourcing means instant help, often even “on the spot”, and we pay only for the time used.

Unexpected downtime in a company is something that no enterprise can afford, and as we know very well, technical problems affect not only the largest players in the market, but also a smaller company. Using the services of an external team is a guarantee of peace of mind and maintaining the continuity of the company’s work.

When to opt for IT outsourcing?

Every business, regardless of size, should have technical support. If you use technology in your business, you probably know that maintaining its reliability is crucial. Whether your company is just starting out or is already an industry leader, it should have a team of specialists you can count on in crisis situations.

The choice of this service is especially worth considering if you don’t have a lot of money at your disposal, your company is growing all the time, and your current IT solutions are no longer sufficient. Delegating some of the responsibilities at such a stage of company development will allow you to focus on other business challenges, such as promotion, marketing or reaching out to new customers. This is the perfect time to take advantage of outsourcing services.

zewnętrzny dział it

Methods of accounting

There are several ways to account for the time of an external team for a client company. While the most common is billing based on the number of hours the team had to devote to a particular project and problem solving. As a rule, every hour of work is meticulously accounted for, so that the client has a full view of the time and progress of technical work. There are bound to be months in which a technician is needed more hours, and there will be months in which one is not needed at all. A good company will understand this and offer a flexible billing model.

Take advantage of IT outsourcing

At WeAstronauts, we provide an enterprise support service. We focus on response time and a proactive attitude. We have our own team of specialists, so we solve most IT problems in no time and advise the best solutions for business. We have a solid background of network engineers, programmers, graphic designers, software architects, and analysts. We are up to date with modern solutions from almost every IT segment. We are at your disposal.

We offer flexibility in the volume of hours, so you can tailor our service to your needs. Write to us and see what you can gain.

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An external IT department is a good solution for any company that uses IT technology. This allows you to ensure the stability of the IT infrastructure inside your organization at a low cost. This also reduces the risk of long-term technical problems (the so-called technical debt), which can reflect negatively on the rest of the company, which, of course, will automatically generate losses for the company.