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How to improve web application performance with code optimization

In today’s fast-paced world, where users expect swift and seamless performance from web applications, efficiency is a key factor for success. Whether you are building a simple website or a sophisticated web application, optimizing your code can...


How to take care of a website?

Your website is not just a business card, but also a powerful business tool. Its constant development and care are components of success in terms of sales and marketing. In the following article, we will present a practical approach to this topic th...


Streamlining business process with technology solutions

Technology is changing the world and opening up a host of new opportunities. It is no different in business. Today’s entrepreneurs must keep their finger on the pulse and analyze current trends in order to improve business processes in their co...


CI/CD – a hot topic in the IT industry

The benefits of using CI/CD practices can drastically improve the software development process. Why take a closer look at the issue and see how you can implement them in your IT projects? You will find out in the following article.


SaaS, WooCommerce or a dedicated solution – what to choose for e-Commerce?

The e-Commerce market is getting bigger and bigger. Recent pandemic years have further accelerated this trend. Efi Dahan, PayPal’s CEO for Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, says that as early as next year, one in five transactions i...


SEO for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular of today’s content management systems for websites. If you already have your own site built on WordPress, it’s a good idea to make it more visible in a search engine. In this post, we’ll cover SEO for t...


What is business analytics and why is it crucial to a company’s growth?

Every company is a collection of interdependent elements, and their number and mutual complexity increase as the company grows. Over time, controlling them by one person becomes cumbersome. Fortunately, with help in solving such problems comes busine...


Advanced applications using WordPress

Nowadays, WordPress is more than a simple CMS. It’s a powerful content management system that offers support for blogs, stores, and also allows you to create websites. Advanced WordPress applications offer many interesting possibilities. In the...


Cotembo — Customer Identification Platform for Financial Institutions

For the Dutch company Cotembo, we designed and implemented a SaaS product, which is a KYC (Know Your Customer) platform for risk assessment of entities around the world.

By using advanced forms, companies in the financial or legal sectors can conduct complex audits to verify the level of trust of their own customers.


IoT platform in partnership with Renau, a renowned electronics manufacturer

The IoT industry is in constant evolution, trying to keep up with ever-increasing consumer expectations. For our client – a highly respected electronics manufacturer in the US – we built a powerful and scalable IoT platform that integrates with manufactured devices, dedicated to its customers. After a multi-stage development process, the client gained a product on which it can largely base its future business model.


Modern platform for pigeon breeders

The industry of handling pigeon competitions has long relied on proven, classic mechanisms. These include electronic devices such as antennas, constating clocks and network buses.

Our task was to fully computerize and modernize these solutions, enabling users to, among other things, track live results or allow them to access their own data at any time from an online platform.