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Category: Automation of business processes

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Backup – get started, and someday you’ll thank me!

Data is present in every company. And these are usually stored digitally – from the simplest documents to massive databases of information. Their loss almost always means big problems for business security. That’s why creating a backup is...


Streamlining business process with technology solutions

Technology is changing the world and opening up a host of new opportunities. It is no different in business. Today’s entrepreneurs must keep their finger on the pulse and analyze current trends in order to improve business processes in their co...


IoT – what is it and what potential does it hold?

Digitalization and modern technology – these are the realities of today’s world. Taking advantage of the advantage provided by the natural progress of technology is a number of benefits for any business. Companies that are the first to im...


CI/CD – a hot topic in the IT industry

The benefits of using CI/CD practices can drastically improve the software development process. Why take a closer look at the issue and see how you can implement them in your IT projects? You will find out in the following article.


What is business analytics and why is it crucial to a company’s growth?

Every company is a collection of interdependent elements, and their number and mutual complexity increase as the company grows. Over time, controlling them by one person becomes cumbersome. Fortunately, with help in solving such problems comes busine...


Outsourced IT department

Technological solutions are present in every company. Despite constant progress, modern companies still struggle with technical problems that disrupt the entire business. In crisis situations, what matters most is the quick response of a technician w...